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We are thrilled to announce that the CLTK has been accepted to Google Summer of Code 2016. This is a tremendous opportunity for Classics students’ careers, an affirmation of the CLTK’s vision, and an chance for us, as mentors, to give back.

GSoC funds students to work for three months on an approved open source project. These students may be at the undergraduate or graduate level, specializing in any academic field, and hailing from any accredited college or university, from any country. We do not yet know the number of students Google will fund on the CLTK’s behalf, however we anticipate at least one, and perhaps as many as three or four.

As the two current mentors, Kyle will oversee linguistic and core software projects, while Luke will mentor all tasks pertaining to the emerging CLTK API and website. In addition to us two, we are currently accepting submissions for backup mentors, to prepare for the event that we receive more than two slots from GSoC. In years to come, should we be so fortunate as to participate again, we may seek a much higher number of funded students (say, 10–20), to be overseen by an equally large battery of talented mentors.

We respectfully request that our community of scholars introduce this GSoC opportunity to all relevant parties, including but not limited to, professors and departments working in ancient languages, scholars and practicioners of ancient faith traditions, linguists, and computer scientists working at the intersection of AI and NLP.

Potential participants are strongly encouraged to reach out to us directly by email at and with questions and for help on their proposals. We will personally respond as quickly as possible.

What follow are some places for students to start the application process.